Germany Album 2004, Page 4
Our six-week house swap in Mülheim an der Ruhr.

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Relevant weekly journals:
August 27, 2004: A visit with relatives in Kettwig
August 30, 2004: Stadtmitte fountain, John gets on a TV show.

Kettwig. We had a logistical challenge getting everyone to Kettwig to meet with family members for the first time in about 16 years. Ondine, Bill, Roy, and Leo took the Weisse Flotte; John shuttled them to the Mülheim Wasserbahnhof, then picked up Barbara at the flat and drove to Kettwig. Here are (from left to right) Ursula (Ullun - Opa’s sister, Barbara’s Aunt), Konrad (Konni) und Ullun, Barbara (Ullun und Konni’s daughter, who was named after Barbara) with a photo of her husband Eberhart, Christoph (Ullun and Opa’s first cousin - Opa’s mother and Christoph’s mother were sisters), and Christoph und Marianne.
Ullun. Konni und Ullun Barbara und Eberhart Christoph Christoph und Marianne

And here is the wonderful meal we enjoyed:
For starters, a delicious onion soup John and Bill had the bratwurst, on a bed of sauerkraut - yum! Ondine had the herring salad with bacon For dessert we had eis mit sarne and fresh berries!
Click here to see a long video clip of the folks around the table. It’ll almost be like you’re sharing a table with us. Seated from the camera’s position going counter-clockwise (like the first and last pans) were Marianne, Christoph, Ondine, Barbara, Bill, Roy and Leo in various positions, Barbara, Ullun, and Konni. (5.9 MB)

John, Bill, Roy, and Leo returned to the flat by car, while Barbara and Ondine went by bus to Christoph und Marianne’s house, where they visited with Christoph, Marianne, Barbara, Ursula, und Konni . They returned later by bus. The first three shots show Christoph und Marianne’s lovely home in Kettwig.
A lovely garden Ready for kaffee trinken The living room looking out toward the garden

And here are the relatives: Christoph, Barbara, und Marianne; Ondine, Barbara, Ullun, und Barbara; Ullun, Barbara, und Konni.
Christoph, Barbara, und Marianne Ondine, Barbara, Ullun, und Barbara Ullun, Barbara, und Konni

More matsch-spielplatz! Barbara und Bill came over, and after some rain, went out with Ondine, Roy, and Leo to the matsch! The first two shots show Bill and Leo and Barbara and Roy; the third shot shows dinner at the flat; the last one shows John, Ondine, Roy, and Leo on the balcony here at the flat.
Bill and Leo at the matsch Barbara and Roy at the matsch Home-made mashed potatoes, sauerkraut, currywurst, rostbrat. John, holding Roy; Ondine, holding Leo

Roy does Heino. Paul und Erika gave John a Heino Gold CD for his birthday, much to everyone else’s consternation, and the kids just took to it. You have to admit, these patriotic songs are catchy.
Click here to see Roy sing along with Heino in the hit song Blau blüht der Enzian. (2.23 MB)

More Stadtmitte. We went to the Stadtmitte and walked around with the boys. We ate a bit of lunch at this fountain, in front of the Postal Museum (which was, unfortunately, closed) in Viktoriaplatz.
Viktoriaplatz fountain
Click here to see Roy and Leo playing in the fountain. (2.68 MB)

Friends take John to WDR to join the studio audience of Sport im Westen, a live sports news program. Dax und Jürgen’s friend Peter had gotten tickets, and invited John to join him, Horst, und Klaus. John had a great time. The studio was in Köln (Cologne), and the four had dinner before going to the show. The first photo shows Horst, Klaus, and Peter at the restaurant in Köln. The second shows John’s meal (lecker!). The third is a view to the top of St. Martin’s kirche. The fourth is a view along one bank of the Rhine River. The last photo shows Peter, Klaus, and Horst at the studio entrance (the actual soundstage was four floors down from ground level). Ondine watched the show at home, and spotted them in the audience!
Horst, Klaus, und Peter John's dinner: frische bratwurst, kartoffeln, und a gemuese salat. Und bier. Looking up at St. Martin's kirche in Koeln A view on the bank of the Rhine Peter, Klaus, und Horst at the WDR studio door
Click here to join Horst, Klaus und Peter at the table. If you listen to Peter at the end, you can hear him telling the others that John is taking a video. (980 KB)
Click here to see the above video clip as a full-screen .avi (3.11 MB)
Click here to see the neon lights of the WDR studio in Köln. (1.67 MB)

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